Caroline Myers

Caroline Myers

Hi everyone.  I’m Caroline, and I’m currently blogging in New York City and totally loving it here!  I’m a devoted mom and wife…and I’m completely crazy about clothes styles and what people are wearing.  I go window shopping every day…if I get a few minutes to myself which is always a big if these days...and I’m addicted to people watching.  I’m not much of a photographer, but I do enjoy writing about the street-style and casual chic ensembles people put together.  Sometimes it’s just a cool jacket that catches my eye, and sometimes the dress is quite impressive.  I’m more of a ripped-jeans-and-cool-jacket-kind of girl.  I always wear a jacket, even if it’s 80 degrees outside!  I like to have one piece as the focal point, and let the item be the star instead of me.

I try to blog about things that come in from the comments as much as possible, as long as its clothing or accessory related.  Tops, jackets, handbags, shoes, etc. are all fair game.  Sometimes I do product reviews, but usually it’s just something that happened to catch my eye while out and about in the garment district.  I really do want to blog about what people are interested to read.  If you happen to spot an awesome pair of heels or a unique sweater, please snap a picture and let me know.  I love to see the chic and also the comfortable, and it’s a double bonus if it’s an outfit that’s both chic and comfortable.

I used to be a travel agent, but that became more and more difficult as it became easier to buy everything online.  Now I’m a full time mom and blogging mostly for fun.  I’ve been very lucky, though, to have visited many beautiful places like London, Paris, Tokyo, and Milan. I have a penchant for Italian heels and handbags and simply can’t get enough of either.  Living in New York, however, is a dream come true for spotting new styles and to see the new trends in what people are wearing.  I hope this gives you a little flavor of me and my style.  You can Tweet me @NewYorkCasual  I really do love comments, so please don’t be shy; even better if you can email me a picture

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