8 Reasons to Finally Embrace the Choker Trend

Caroline Myers

What started as a statement of power from a few select designers....

The choker "movement" has transformed into a full-blown trend, making this stylish necklace (and statement piece) a full-on must have.  Let's be looks like the choker trend is going to be with us at least through the winter.

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And there's a good reason the choker trend has gotten so hot.

  • They're sexy as hell.
  • If done correctly it can be an elegant statement piece.
  • Chokers look good on everybody.

Chokers That Will Make You Want to Embrace the Trend

1. Simple and versatile.  This leather rope choker is a great way to dip your toe into the trend.

This is a great beginner choker.  It's not too edgy or goth.  It's a simple piece of leather with a little bling.  You can really style it however you like.  Want to be cute?  Wrap it and tie a bow.  Want to draw attention to your breasts?  Leave a long piece hanging.  Want to be sexy?  Wrap it so it looks like you're tied down. 

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2.  A multilayer choker with a touch of color.  This drop pendant is available in a variety of colors.

This might be one of my favs.  It has the simple versatility of the "rope" style choker.  But the gem adds just enough.  It almost looks vintage.

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3.  If you want to stick with the drop pendant theme but want something totally unique and eye-catching, try this stunning piece.


The best of both worlds here.  Drop pendants are sexy.  They draw attention to the collar bone.  Chokers are sexy.  They draw attention to the face and neck and collar bone.  Combine the two...yeah this necklace is special.

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4.  This leather choker is ultra delicate adding just a touch of bling.  Could be easily paired with a second necklace for a layered effect.

You know the saying less is more.  It's like innuendo.  This is less.  But it's more.  Only the right ones will notice this sexy little piece.

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5.  Metal...need we say more.  This choker has an insane amount of detail.


Metal.  I can't tell if this whispers "Come talk to me, hottie" or "Get lost, buddy!"  Either way...I Love It!

Detailed Metal Choker - Click to See Price


6.  And some sparkle...

I'm not sure I can pull this off.  But if you must.

Rhinestone Choker - Click to See Price


7.  Lace is always sexy.  Feminine and bold yet slightly suggestive.

Super Cute.  Feminine.

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8.  Easy to wear, these simple black chokers elongate the neck, draw attention to the collar bone and are almost too perfect.

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Whichever you choose, a new necklace can be an affordable way to recharge a tired outfit.  Perfect for this time of year when there's never a shortage of people to see and places to go.

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